Christoffer T. Timm

Chris, child of the early 80s, developed his first game using QBASIC at the age of 12. Since he started using the computer and playing games when he was 5 y/o, his main interest in video games were level editors.

He created myriads of levels for Diamond Ball, put together tracks for Stunts and designed maps for Command & Conquer – to only name a few.

Later when Windows became more popular, he did some experiments with Klik & Play, but then switched to Visual Basic and had the idea for PlanetoX, but stopped developing shortly after as VB was not the appropriate environment.

His interests moved towards developing Applications and Websites. He studied, made his B.Sc. in Computer Science and afterwards remembered his long forgotten dream of game development. So he started learning Unity3D. Two weeks later he undusted the 15 year old plans for his Spacegame, founded 3OX Studios – together with the other two Oxes Heiner “Graf” Bihlmaier and Christian F. Kaufhold – and started the development of PlanetoX II.

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