Screenshot of the Dialogue Screen

The Dialogue Screen

Concept Drawing of the Dialogue Screen
Concept Drawing of the Dialogue Screen

What is the Heart of every Role Play Game? Alright, the Character Screen. But, uhm, we care about that in another post. This one is about the second important screen: The Dialogue Screen!

In the top half, you’ll see the conversant you’re talking to. We decided to make it rather prominent, to let you feel like Captain Picard staring at the “screen”. (Well, okay, right now you don’t see anything there, as this is the alpha version without 3D models for conversations… But we’re damn sure you can imagine!)

Below, you’ll see the conversion in Instant Messanger style, meaning you’re able to scroll back and forth the whole conversation and see every preceding sentences spoken.

To the lower left, you’ll see buttons for quick actions like ‘flee’, ‘attack’, ‘trade’ and so on, allowing you to take action at any time — as you know, the one who strikes first is the one more likely to win the fight. Wanting to trade with a merchant? No need to listen/read all the conversation until you’re able to say “Show me what you have…”, but instead start trading right away! Speaking of it, that Merchant Screen is subject to a blog post on its own…

Screenshot of the Dialogue Screen
Screenshot of the Dialogue Screen
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