Screenshot of the Construction Screen

The Construction Screen

While Unity is busy upgrading to 5.3.5f, we have some time to show you the newest developments. (Keep fingers crossed that the PlanetoX project is still running afterwards, updating the main development environment during the process is always fun…)

Another main game mechanic is the construction of Orbital Objects. Sound quite abstract, right? Well, it’s just space station-like constructions that orbit around planets and asteroids. In PlanetoX there are  these for now:

Each of this Orbital Objects can be build by the player on any planet or asteroid. Well to some limitations: we don’t need a Mining Laser on a Gas Planet. And to be able to build such things, the player needs a buffet to choose from. So that’s what we’re currently developing:

Screenshot of the Construction Screen
Screenshot of the Construction Screen

In the top part you see holograms of the Orbital Objects available in the PlanetoX universe. As this is in development now, you’ll just see the Mining Laser. And below, the typical description and costs/requirements section. So, no fancy unicorn here.

We’ll okay. Can’t let you stand there like that. Here’s some Concept Art.

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